List of known limitations of Coresuite products


List of known limitations


Coresuite Designer

Special Characters Such As Superscript or Subscript Are Not Accepted by Coresuite Editor
Importing Printdefinitions with File Type X or L fails
Redundant Blank PDF Page is Added in Case the Page's X-Axis Size < 2 cm
Not Possible to Change Values on The Layout in The Edit Preview Mode
Import/Export of Printdefinition - Overwriting a Filled-up Email Address Fields With an Empty Field

Queries Saved in General / Allgemeines Category do not Appear in the Layoutdefinition's Query List
Property Panes Missing in Designer
CRM Report - LD (BUP00301) - Swiss Numbering Format Cannot be set on Pivot Table Fields
Printer Dialogue Box Sizing is Unstable
Irregular Behavior When Switching Between Properties, DocumentTree or DataSources While 2 Sharpshooter Sessions are Open
Sub-query With Linked Field: Coresuite Designer Considers the 'ss' and 'ß' Characters as Equal
Empty Page Generated When Exporting to Word Document
CardCode Ending With $ Leads to Error When Marketing Document is Printed/Previewed

Picture in PageOverlay is Hiding Some Objects on the Layout
Unable to Save SMTP Password in Coresuite Designer Configuration

Coresuite Accounting

[SAR06004] Sales Budget Report - Details Are Not Displayed On The Report
[FIN60008] Swiss Tax Form issue with thousand and decimal separators
Changing a Class Name in SWA_LD_TEXT Table also Affects the Name of the Corresponding Class Group

Coresuite Customize

Predefined Custom Colors Are Not Saved
An Amended Authorization Group Name is Not Updated in Coresuite Customize Authorization List
Coresuite Stops Working When Language of SAP Business One is Changed

Customize Menu Position Cannot Be Determined


Coresuite Enterprise Search

Searching For Journal Entries in Range Containing Decimals Does Not Show Desired Results

Coresuite Time

Redundant Data May be Retrieved Based on CardCode Instead of Object's Code in Time Recording Objects Search Field
Ship To or Bill To Address Appear Empty in Additional Services of Service Call


Swiss Payment

[Record Payment Slip] Error Related to Not Defined IBAN For The Business Partner




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