Empty Page Generated When Exporting to Word Document


Issue description

When exporting a marketing document to a Word document, an empty page is generated at the end of the document.


Reproducing the issue


1. Create any marketing document.
2. Click on the Word icon to export the document.
3. Select the standard system layout.


Actual results

When you preview the document, there is no empty page. However, when you export the document to Word, there is an empty page at the end of the document.


Expected results

An empty page is not generated unless the layout is designed to do so.



Rendering engine issue.



If for some reason you can't use e.g. PDF documents, as a workaround, to avoid having an empty page in Word, change the value of margins on a layout as follows:
1. Go to the affected document, e.g. Sales - A/RSales Order.
2. Click on the pencil (Layout Designer..)highlight the layoutOpen Designer.
3. Scroll to the bottomclick on a gridin the toolbar click on Margins and change the value from 0,8 to 1,1cm.
4. OKSave changes to the layout.



Coresuite-Designer #634
Coresuite-Designer #1013


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