Searching For Journal Entries in Range Containing Decimals Does Not Show Desired Results

Issue description

When searching for a journal entry in Enterprise Search using the amount field, if searching for a number with decimals such as 7,99 then the search shows no results. However, if the decimal separator is set to a dot and searching again by 7.99 then the search shows results.


Reproducing the issue


Change the Decimal Separator to a comma (,) and the Thousands Sep. to a dot (.) in SAP Business One in Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → Display tab.


1. Open Financials → Journal Entry.
2. Create a journal entry with the amount containing decimals - Eg: 7,85.
3. Open Enterprise Searchclick on the icon "Recently modified objects".
4. Search for the amount from "7,80" to "7,90".
5. Click on the "Search" button.


Actual results

Searching for amounts with decimals and having a comma as a decimal separator does not display any results.

Expected results

Results appear regardless of the decimal separator used.



3rd party issue.



The issue is depending on the region settings (format) of Windows and other format components of SAP Business One
As a workaround, use default decimal and thousands separators or search for amounts in the range without decimal separators.


Enterprise-Search #474


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