Unable to Save SMTP Password in Coresuite Designer Configuration


In some cases, when you want to set or change the SMTP password in Coresuite Designer Configuration, you find that the "Set" button is grey and you can't save the password.

Reproducing the issue


      1. Go to Administration Add-ons coresuite designer Configuration.
      2. Click on the Email  tab.
      3. Fill all values in the SMTP  tab including SMTP Password.

Expected behavior

The button "Set" is active and it is possible to save the password.

Actual behavior

Button "Set" is grey and it is not possible to set or change the password.


This behavior is caused by conflict of SAP Business One events.


Close the form of Coresuite Designer Configuration and open it again.

If the issue persists, turn off the Fiori cockpit (set cockpit to None) and restart the SAP Business One client.


Affected modules

Coresuite Designer 7.25 onwards.


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