Irregular Behavior When Switching Between Properties, DocumentTree or DataSources While 2 Sharpshooter Sessions Are Open

Issue description

The new rendering engine (Sharpshooter) has been introduced with Coresuite Designer version 7.55.

During testing, the following limitation has been discovered: In case 2 Sharpshooter sessions are opened for 2 different layouts, switching between the Properties, DocumentTree or DataSources leads to an irregular behavior where the second Sharpshooter session unwantedly opens.


Reproducing the issue


1. Open 2 different Layoutdefinitions (e.g.: 'Employee year overview (CSM31005)' and 'Document DIN - LD (DOC00008)').
2. Click on Open Designer for the first layout, then also for the second layout.
3. In the first Sharpshooter session, switch between Properties, DocumentTree, and DataSources. mceclip1.png

Actual results

The second Sharpshooter session opens.


Expected results

The Properties, DocumentTree, or DataSources opens in the highlighted (current) Sharpshooter session.




Coresuite-Designer #1205

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