CRM Report - LD (BUP00301): Swiss Numbering Format Cannot be set on Pivot Table Fields

Issue description

The CRM Report - LD (BUP00301) includes a PivotTable databand which summarizes the sales revenue per year and month.
When attempting to set the fields with a Swiss numbering format (e.g. 1'234'567.89), the printout is not correct.

Reproducing the issue


1. Open the CRM Report - LD (BUP00301) layout and click on Open Designer to open Sharpshooter.
2. Scroll all the way down to the PivotTable databand and double-click on it.

3. In the Source Fields window, select the Sum field and set the Format to #'###.## .
4. Save the changes and preview the layout (make sure to preview it with a BP that has a large enough AR-Invoices volume).

Actual results

The numbering format is not being considered and ## appears at the end.


Expected results

The Swiss numbering format will appear correctly.


3rd party component Sharpshooter limitation.


Coresuite-Designer #1023

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