Data management for mobile devices to improve performance

As all the mobile FSM Apps (Android and iOS) are running in offline-mode it is advisable to care actively about Data management. Active data management will help you: 

  • get rid of obsolete data
  • get better performance when syncing with our cloud (less data has to be synced)
  • no risk to reach the device's memory limit

In order to manage data actively within SAP Field Service Solution you have multiple possibilities:

  1. Set your cloud user permissions correctly, so that only allowed/permitted data is synced.
  2. Mark all objects you do not need (e.g. unnecessary price lists, inactive business partners etc.) to 'Ignore on Cloud'. These objects are then deleted from the mobile device. More details on how to configure objects as 'Ignore on Cloud' may be found here (read more how to hide objects in the cloud). Moreover, please notice that this applies to master data.


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