Business Rules and Notifications

Would you like to automate certain steps within your field service process? Of course you would! That’s why the FSM Cloud has implemented a “Rule Engine” for creating automated actions that can be triggered when specific events have occurred.

For example, you could create a business rule that reacts to incoming or scheduled events in the FSM  Cloud and results in actions such as:

  1. Automatically sending an SMS notification (or Email) to a technician once a service assignment has been released
  2. Attaching a specific checklist report to an activity as soon as the checklist has been closed
  3. Sending an alert to a manager when certain items are out of stock


How do I access the business rules & notifications

  1. Login to your FSM Admin console
  2. Sign-in with your cloud-account and password

  3. Under account-ID or name, look for the cloud account that you would like to use to create/edit the business rules

  4. Select the desired cloud account
  5. Select the company for which you would like to create/edit the business rules

  6. Select “Business Rules”

  7. Now you have reached the place, where you can create, enable, disable, download, upload and delete business rules. There are 5 sample business rules that you can activate and test before creating your own rule.

    Please note that for sending SMS, NO additional costs costs will occur anymore.

  8. For more information on how to create and edit a business rule, please access the following documentation:
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