How to configure and use Reserved Material

Use cases

You can use the "Reserved Material" process for the following scenarios:

  1. Technician takes material with him onsite which was prepared for him in some designated location.
  2. The technicians company sends the material to the customer site before the technician arrives. Technician can then pick it up and use from this material for the service. Leftover material can be taken back into his van stock. This will also trigger an "Inventory transfer" in the ERP system.

Setup in SAP B1

  1. Import Customize rule in “ Coresuite Customize”
    (download COCU file here:
  2. Edit as administrator the following file on SAP Server
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP BusinessOne\AddOns\COR\coresuite\COR_Customize_UDTHandler\XML\UDTExcludeList.txt
  3. Remove the line entry COR_CLOUD_* from this file. This makes sure you see the table in the UDT Handler.
  4. Search for the newly added UDT (COR_CLOUD_CSMRESMAT) in SAP under “Coresuite Customize> UDT Handler” and enable the checkbox ’Use DI API’ for it
  5. Restart SAP Client


  1. In SAP B1 right click on a Service Call and choose ‘Reserved Material’ to add new reserved materials.
  2. When filling up the table type (in capital letters) SERVICECALL as the "ObjectType" value
  3. Assign and release the Service Call now via Workforce Management to a technician
  4. Technician sees a new menu in the assignment screen called ‘Reserved Material’




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