Hide users in the FSM planningboard


After starting the resource planner you always see the full list of SAP users from the database. If you want to limit this list, you need to define an additional UDF (Userdefined Field).

How to guide:

  1. Open SAP B1
  2. Navigate to Tools > Customisation Tools > User-Defined-Fields-Management
  3. Create a new UDF. To do this go to "Master Data/Users" Category.

    Add a new field and name it COR_PLANNABLE (1).  Set the Length to "1" (2). Choose "Valid Values" in the Validation Menu (3). This will open a new dialogue (4) where you can add two lines by clicking on "New". Add values "Y" and "N". Choose the default value to be "Y" (5).

  4. Don't forget to restart coresuite if you're being asked.
  5. Navigate to "Administration" > "General" > "Users". Then enable the viewing of User-defined Fields by selecting this if you go to "View" > "User-Defined-Fields" (1). The new UDF can now be seen here and you can choose here if the user should be plannable or not (2).

  6. Existing users will stay in state "Plannable" until they are changed.
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