[Coresuite Service] Troubleshooting connection errors


At the different stages of Coresuite Service implementation, you may encounter errors, which could happen either during the service start or during the execution of Coresuite Service rules, Report Subscriptions, and Remote printing.

Depending on the affected area, respective error messages will be captured in one or several locations as follows:

  1. Coresuite Service log files in the %ProgramData%\Coresystems\Coresuite Service\DebugLogs folder
  2. Coresuite Service log files in C:\Windows\Temp folder*
  3. Coresuite Service log table [@COR_CUSTOM_SVCLOG]
  4. Failed XML files processed by the Remote printing.

This FAQ includes known error types representing connection failures, and the present ways of troubleshooting.


Errors list

 Failed to connect. Error Code: -4009 (also -226)

This error is captured in the logs mentioned in p. 1-2 above.

The error originates from DI API due to either the wrong configuration of the 'b1-local-machine.xml' file on the local machine, disabled ports in the firewall(s), or more common in the Coresuite Service context, misconfiguration in the CoresuiteServiceConfig.xml file:


Ensure the server names are correct.

Verify if the server names are provided identically to the way they are displayed in SLD.

If IP addresses are used in SLD instead of the host names, IP addresses shall also be used in the CoresuiteServiceConfig.xml file and vice versa.

If hostnames are used, ensure hostnames can be resolved successfully (see the DNS Name Resolution article).

If port number 40000 fails, try using port 30000 and vice versa and ensure a firewall does not block the port.

If the port adjustment does not help, omit the hostname:port from the license server specification as follows:

<license server="" />

Ensure the company user specified on row 6 in the above example has a Coresuite Service license assigned along with at least an Indirect Access user license in SAP Business One.

Clean the SM_OBS_DLL and SM_OBS_DLL_64 folders in %temp% and C:\Windows\Temp

Refer to the SAP Note 2029714 - Troubleshooting Integration Framework SLD DI Connection.


Failed to connect. Error Code: -4008 (also -132)

Error during SBO user authentication or (-4008) Login SLD Failed

Make sure the server, company, and user credentials are correct.


Ensure the user is active and has a valid password for the required SAP Business One Company database. Reset the password for the user by changing the ct attribute to password and specify the password as clear text: password = "password". Upon the first run, Coresuite Service will encode the password and change the password attribute to ct.


Failed to connect. Error Code: 100000048

The user intended for Coresuite Service as specified in the CoresuiteServiceConfig.xml file lacks an SAP user license. Assign the license in SAP Business One main menu: Administration -> License -> License Administration.



*The C:\Windows\Temp or C:\Windows\Temp\coresuite folder is used to store the Coresuite Service logs if the service runs at the Local System account. If another Windows user account is in place, the log files will be stored in the respective user's folder path.

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