SwissPayment/PAIN.001 - Use Clearing System Number for international payments instead of SWIFT


Clearing System Numbers are used to send payments to banks which aren't part of the SWIFT-network. A few examples of Clearing Systems (see attached .xlsx-document for full list):

  • United States Routing Number (Fedwire, NACHA)
  • Japan Zengin Clearing Code
  • Australian Bank State Branch Code (BSB)

Starting with version 6.55, SwissPayment will be able to use Clearing System Numbers for international payments for Business Partner bank accounts which are setup accordingly. Please be aware that this option is only available for C6-Level payments.

How to setup a Clearing System Number

  1. Open the relevant Business Partner
  2. Select tab Payment Terms and open the Business Partner Bank
  3. In field Branch, insert the Clearing System Number (including the 5-letter national identifier code) that needs to be used. 

    Please be aware that the Clearing System Number is only used in case there is no BIC/SWIFT code setup



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