SwissPayment: QR-Code scanning available for Domestic and Foreign Payment Slips

For Swiss QR-Bill (2020), please check our Implementation of the new Swiss QR-Bill (2020).

Starting with version 6.55, SwissPayment's Record Payment Slips functionality will be able to interpret QR-Code values for Domestic and Foreign Payment Slips.

Scanning a QR-Code while the cursor is placed in Purpose of payment (Domestic and Foreign) will, after leaving the field (for example by pressing Tabulator) result in the following fields being filled:

  • Supplier
  • IBAN
  • Clearing / BLZ
  • Bankcode (Foreign Payments only)
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Due Date
  • Purpose of payment



Scanned values inserted



Please be aware of the following:

  • QR-codes need to be exactly according to the specification of SIX (, especially:
    • All data fields (including fixed values QR-Type, Version and Coding) must be delivered and in the correct order
    • Data fields need to be separated with the separator CR + LF
  • QR-Code interpretation is only available for Domestic and Foreign Payment Slips
  • The QR-Code provides the Business Partner name. For the identification of the correct Business Partner, either the Business Partner Name or the Foreign Name must match.
  • Using the correct Business Partner is essential for recording payment slips. Therefore, no fields are filled in in case no Business Partner was found


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