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This FAQ is trying to summarize the actual status and last year’s changes made to SwissPayment.

In 2017 SwissPayment was returned into responsibility of SAP. Consequently, no further enhancements were planned from us.

In November 2017 we learned that no valid solution for the Incoming ISR Payment was provided from SAP Business One. Therefore it was necessary to react fast; we were able to release a SwissPayment version just in time for the change of the bank file format camt.054 of the Postbank.

With the organizational changes in our company and to fulfill the demands from our customers we decided to take the lead for SwissPayment. This means that we will do even more enhancements in the future.

During the last year we were able to include the following major improvements as well as fixing bugs:

SwissPayment Version




Support Camt.054 (+Camt.053) for the existing ESR-Importer

camt.054.001.04 to camt.054.001.06 are included 


PAIN format adjustment // Change MsgID to unique number 

Camt.054, more than one transaction per payer can't be executed


Camt.054, more than one transaction per payer can't be executed

error message and handling improved for multiple payment of once invoice


Camt.054, <BookgDt> instead of the correct <ValDt> is taken as CreditDate

Date change



ISR Wizardm camt.054, incorrect 0.01 overpayment displayed

Improved handling for rounding issue


G/L Account not found when importing CAMT.054 file

bug fix



payment wizard swiss does not use the correct Series for Outgoing Payments 

bug fix


PAIN format EUR payments to non-SEPA region or non-IBAN account

adjustment pain format for non IBAN Payments


PAIN: Linebreak in field ‘Ustrd’ creates error in file creation 



PAIN format adjustement // StrNm from mandatory to recommended

error message changed to row level 


Swisspayment, Incoming Payment ISR, G/L account not found (error) 

bug fix


PAIN file formats must use 2 decimals for amounts 

Bug fix


support camt.054.001.07

new camt.054 version included  


PAIN format adjustment // new bank charges in pain.001, payment type 4

new abbreviation for bank charges included


PAIN format: Improve error message handling

general improvement of error messages on row level


PAIN: Milliseconds in Creation Date Time creates error

bug fix


V11, Camt.054, BISR type, takes wrong when 2 accounts with same ISR billernum, but different customer iD

adjustment in case the ISR Billernum exists more than once  


PAIN: Payment Type 2.1 (Post office) uses IBAN

enhancement for IBAN usage for Postfinance 


9.3: Readsoft username and password displayed on all folders



PAIN format adjustment //improve error message, update table SWA_PY_Wizardline 

improved error handling


PAIN Format: Error Message when using different umlauts

Improved error handling, more special signs included in PAIN format


V11, Camt.054, BISR type: CustomerID with more than 6 characters doesn't find GL Account

improvement for handling csutomerID with more than 6 digits


PAIN: Display line error message for domestic payments with dummy bank

error message improvement – use of dummy bank not allowed anymore


swisspayment, PAIN format, use Field «BldgNb» for Street No.

improvement PAIN format


swisspayment, bank file creation, error:Value cannot be null. Parameter name: input

improvement PAIN format


PAIN C6-Level: Bank name not available without SWIFT /item 

improvement PAIN format


ISR Wizard: Golden Arrow isn't opening the corresponding Payment /item 

bug fix


PAIN C6-Level: Use External Clearing System ID instead of SWIFT Address

improvement PAIN format


Record payment slips: Include QR-code interpretation for Domestic and Foreign payments

major improvement




Most changes were done to improve the quality of the handling of the payment wizard and the bank file creation.

Because especially the address definition in business partner master data can vary in every company and therefor cause multiple error messages. This is an ongoing process.

We try to bring the error as soon and as specific as possible.

Because of the complexity of the PAIN format we recommend the following implementation guide lines:

The implementation guideline gives for example an overview what fields are mandatory for the different transaction types and what special cases are allowed.

Additionally, we will try to add some ‘Tips and Tricks’ to the FAQ:

  • IBAN Number should not include free spaces.
  • The customer ID should be minimum 6 digits. If smaller you can add a 0 at the end
  • We decided that we will not include a Direct Debit bank format in SwissPayment. Direct Debit is covered fully by standard SAP business One and does not need any specialization for the Swiss localization.
  • SAP Business One 9.3 PL 7 works best with SwissPayment 6.55. It was reported that version 6.6 will give errors when posting future outgoing payments. All other versions work fine with 6.6.






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