Coresuite Service


The Coresuite Service is a tool that allows the execution of scheduled rules in SAP Business One databases, independently of a running SAP Business One client. 
The new Coresuite Service replaces Coresuite Customize Service and has been extended to include the functionality often referred to as Designer as a Service.

 - Installed versions of Coresuite Designer and Coresuite Customize need to match the version of the Coresuite Service.
 - Before Coresuite 7.80, if you are using Coresuite Service in combination with External Crystal Reports, various versions of Coresuite Service depending on the version of SAP Business One were required. From Coresuite 7.80, this has been unified and only 1 Coresuite Service is required for older and new versions of SAP Business One.


Coresuite Service version 8.05 (x64)


Please check the attached document (Coresuite Service - Version 7.60.pdf) for a full description. 

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