Message "Could not find field translation.xml" appears during coresuite start

Issue description

Message "Could not find field translation.xml" appears during the coresuite start or if some actions are triggered in SAP B1.

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Troubleshooting steps/tips

1. Start SAP B1 onDemand and the coresuite Add-on


SAP B1 onDemand with coresuite starts withouth any error message


During the start of the coresuite add-on the error message "Could not find field 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP Businessne\AddOns\COR\coresuite\SWA_LD\0995\translations.xml'." appears.

2. After removing the coresuite add-on and reinstalling it again, the error message still appears.


This error message can appear if you've tried to install coresuite on an onDemand system with an onPremise installer. To clear the system you will have to follow this steps:

1. Stop the coresuite add-on

2. Delete the coresuite db on the MS SQL Server (just if the database is visible on the SQL Server)

3. Delete the SWA_Modules table on the company db

4. Delete the SWA_License table on the company db.

5. Download the latest coresuite onDemand installer under the following link:


6. Extract the coresuite framework.sip which is inside of the installer folder. Rename the .sip to .zip. Extranct the framework folder and replace the new dlls with the dlls in the existing add-on folder.

7. Start SAP B1 with a right click -> run as administrator

8. Import the framework.sip by using the coresuite Administration.


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