Add-on isn't visible in the list "Select Extension" of the cloud control center

Issue description

The coresuite Add-on can't be added to a tenant as it's not visible in the "Select Extensions" list.  

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Troubleshooting steps/tips

1. Download the latest coresuite installer from the coresuite Website:


2. Add the coresuite add-on to the extensions in the "Cloud Control Center"

3. Add the add-on to a tenant

Expected: coreusite add-on is visible in the "Select Extensions" list.

Result: coresuite add-on isn't visible in the "Select Extensions" list.


1. Remove the coresuite add-on from the extensions part in the "Cloud Control Center"

2. Restart the "Presentation Server" and the "SQL Server"

3. Add the coresuite Add-on to the extensions and try to select it in the "Select Extensions" list.

If the issue still remains, please restart the "Presentation Server" and the "SQL Server" again and try to assign the add-on the an tenant.



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