Internal error (-8037) occurred [131-183]

issue description

coresuite does not start due to error message: Internal error (-8037) occurred [131-183];

Scenario 1:

in the same environment, the addon can be started successfully in other company databases

Scenario 2:

in the same environment, the addon can NOT be started successfully in other company databases

troubleshooting steps/tips

Scenario 1:

  1. check if the DTW (Datatransfer Workbench) can successfully connect to the same company database
  2. check if each time you log on to that same company database if the "SAP Business One End User Licence Agreement" needs to be signed again
  3. check if your company database is configured to "static key" or "dynamic key":

             WHEN DKeyId IS NULL THEN 'static key'
             ELSE 'dynamic key '
           END AS 'Encryption Key Management'
  4. (check Encryption Key Management (Licence Server->Configure Security->Security Settings->Encryption Key Management)
    • do you use "static key" or "dynamic key" on this licence Server?)

    Please note that Step 4 is not necessary conclusive. As either of the following are currently possible:

    1. your company database which you copied from a different server is set to use Dynamic Encryption, and your current server is set to use a static key -> setting your current server now to use Dynamic Encryption will still result in the same error message when connection DTW to that company Database (Generate a new Dynamic Key appears to have no impact here - 9.0 PL04)
    2. un-installing the Servertools, and applying the required settings (using a static key) via Licence Server->Configure Security->Security Settings->Encryption Key Management has no impact on a Database which is already set to use a dynamic key

Scenario 2:

Follow steps as per 

or reinstall DI API (without first un-installing the current DI API) via the SAP Business One Upgrader


As per official SAP Business One AdministratorGuide_SQL.pdf (see attachment below), page 144 (7.4.3  Managing Encryption Keys), "enabling the use of dynamic keys is an irreversible process".

SAP has now created and released the attached Note 1882326 - Error code -8037 when connecting to DTW or DI API.

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