Licence allocation randomly lost

Issue description

The licence allocation is randomly lost; licences need to re reassigned repeatedly.


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Troubleshooting steps/tips

Run the following query to check for any inconsistency in the licences table in the coresuite database:


Please run this query, rather than checking the table content via right-click-> Select Top 1000 Rows/Edit Top 200 Rows! In all known occurences of this issue, the Select Top 1000 Rows/Edit Top 200 Rows displayed different results to the query.



In cases where the licence allocation is randomly lost, the query output will display at least two rows - one with a value for [sapkey], one or more without a values for [sapkey].

To fix the issue:

1. the licence table in the coresuite database needs to be modified via an update query:

DELETE FROM [coresuite].[dbo].[licences]
WHERE  [sapkey] IS NULL

    Alternatively, run the Query without the the WHERE clause.

2. restart the coresuite addon, and update licence via Administration-> Add-ons->coresuite administration->Administration->Licence Management->Download license

3. re-run the SELECT query, to verify that there is only on entry for the licence in the licence table in the coresuite database

After this fix is applied, it is recommended to follow the steps as per Licence management Tab partially greyed out OR Licence settings not saved


The reason for the multiple entries in the licence table in the coresuite database could not be verified yet. Possibly, the this occurs when changing the installation number with SAP or when copying the coresuite database to a different server.

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