Licence management Tab partially greyed out OR Licence settings not saved

Issue description

  • when opening Administration->Add-ons->coresuite administration->Administration-> Licence management Tab, the right half of the window is greyed out
  • licence assignment not saved

Troubleshooting steps/tips

the issues occur if the entires in those tables are not aligned;

not sure what causes the issue/the table corruption to happen, but it has happened on different systems, versions etc over time => version and system independent according to current status;



The described solutions has the following side effect:
  1. the required coresuite modules need to be activated again
  2. all coresuite module licences need to be reassigned to each user


To solve the issue,

A)    open the following User Tables (via Tools->User-Defined Windows)


and via right-click on each single row, empty those tables.


B)    Tools->Customisation Tools->User-Defined Tables-Setup


and via right-click on each single table, remove those tables.

After option A or option B, SBO needs to be restarted for the tables to be created/filled again.


When you observe this behaviour, please check if there are duplicate/incorrect entries in one of the above mentioned tables. (We assume that this behaviour is caused by duplicate entries - therefore we would need to know, in which table the duplicate entry is.)

If duplicates are found, another workaround would be to delete the duplicate entries.

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