Internal error (-131) occurred 131-183

Issue description

coresuite does not start due to error message: Internal error (-131) occurred 131-138

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Internal error (-131) occured 131-183;
Interner Fehler aufgetreten (-131) 131-183;
Interner Fehler (-2147221164) aufgetreten [131-183];

Troubleshooting steps/tips

Install an SAP Add-on that also uses the DI API (e.g. Datatransfer Workbench) on the same workstation, and check if you can connect without any error.

The error message Internal error (-131) occurred 131-183 indicates an issue with the DI API (installation/registration).

  1. As per SAP Note 1658707 - DI_Error Internal error (-131) occurred connecting to DI on PL9, check the location of b1-local-machine.xml => NOTE this appears only to be an issue on new 8.81 PL09 clients
  2. As per SAP Note 1642459 - Check the DI configure file when addon can’t start, check the license address in the configure file (b1-local-machine.xml) in the DI folder.

The following important points are not included in SAP Note 1642459 - Check the DI configure file when addon can’t start but are highly important (especially on SAP Business One 9.0 installation):

      • the b1-local-machine.xml file must be located in both the
        %Program Files (x86)%\SAP\SAP Business One\Conf\ (%ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One\Conf\) AND the
        %Program Files (x86)%\SAP\SAP Business One DI API\Conf\  (%ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One DI API\Conf\) folder;
      • avoid value mismatch
        in each occurrence of the b1-local-machine.xml file, the values for the license server must be identical e.g. you either always use the IP address of the license server or you use the license server name; also ensure that you do NOT use local or localhost;
      • these values for the license server are set during the client application installation and the DI API installation, but can always be modified manually at any time in the b1-local-machine.xml files on each workstation as described above


1.  Copy b1-local-machine.xml file

As per Note 1658707, copy b1-local-machine.xml
from:   %ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One\Conf\
to:      %ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One DI API\Conf
Note:   copy and paste! Do not move the file as the file is required in BOTH folders

   If Step 1 does not solve the issue, go to either Step 2 or Step 3

2.  Modify b1-local-machine.xml files

 align the values for the license server in the b1-local-machine.xml files (locations described above)

 3.  Reinstall the DI-API

reinstall the DI API (so the value for the license address in the b1-local-machine.xml is updated automatically) - you need to ensure that you add the correct value during the installation;
if you do not the same value as you used during the client installation, you will end up with a value mismatch again as described above

If neither Step 2 nor Step 3 solves the issue, go to Step 4

4.  Manual SAPbobsCOM90.dll registration

register the SAPbobsCOM90.dll manually via:

   On 32-bit Operating Systems:
go to Start->Run-> %systemroot%\System32\regsvr32 "C:\..<Path to DI>...\SAPbobsCOM90.dll"

On 64-bit Operating Systems: go to Start->Run %systemroot%\SysWoW64\regsvr32 "C:\..<Path to DI>...\SAPbobsCOM90.dll" respectively, go to Start->Run-> Type: regsvr32 and drag the dll to be registered into the Run Window 

If an error appears similar to:
...the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x800XXXXX...
ensure you run the Command Prompt with elevated privileges (as Administrator).


This issue is not caused by the coresuite addon.
In most cases, simply applying Step 2 solves this issue.

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