Internal error (-131) occurred 131-183

Issue description

coresuite does not start due to error message: Internal error (-131) occurred 131-138

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Internal error (-131) occured 131-183;
Interner Fehler aufgetreten (-131) 131-183;
Interner Fehler (-2147221164) aufgetreten [131-183];

Troubleshooting steps/tips

Install a SAP Add-on which also uses the DI API (e.g. Datatransfer Workbench) on the same workstation, and check if you can connect without any error.

The error message Internal error (-131) occurred 131-183 indicates an issue with the DI API (installation/registration).

  1. As per SAP Note 1658707 - DI_Error Internal error (-131) occurred connecting to DI on PL9, check the location of b1-local-machine.xml => NOTE this appears only to be an issue on new 8.81 PL09 clients
  2. As per SAP Note 1642459 - Check the DI configure file when addon can’t start, check the license address in the configure file (b1-local-machine.xml) in the DI folder.

The following important points are not included in SAP Note 1642459 - Check the DI configure file when addon can’t start, but are highly important (especially on SAP Business One 9.0 installation):

      • the b1-local-machine.xml file must be located in both the
        %Program Files (x86)%\SAP\SAP Business One\Conf\ (%ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One\Conf\) AND the
        %Program Files (x86)%\SAP\SAP Business One DI API\Conf\  (%ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One DI API\Conf\) folder;
      • avoid value mismatch
        in each occurence of the b1-local-machine.xml file the values for the licence server must be identical e.g. you either always use the IP address of the licence server or you use the licence server name; also ensure that you do NOT use local or localhost;
      • these values for the licence server are set during the client application installation and the DI API installation, but can always be modified manually at any time in the b1-local-machine.xml files on each workstation as described above


1.  Copy b1-local-machine.xml file

As per Note 1658707, copy b1-local-machine.xml
from:   %ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One\Conf\
to:      %ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One DI API\Conf
Note:   copy and paste! Do not move the file as the file is required in BOTH folders

   If Step 1 does not solve the issue, go to either Step 2 or Step 3

2.  Modify b1-local-machine.xml files

 align the values for the licence server in the b1-local-machine.xml files (locations described above)

 3.  Reinstall the DI-API

reinstall the DI API (so the value for the licence address in the b1-local-machine.xml is updated automatically) - you need to ensure that you add the correct value during the installation;
if you do not the same value as you used during the client installation, you will end up with a value mismatch again as described above

If Step neither Step 2 or Step 3 solved the issue, go to Step 4

4.  Manual SAPbobsCOM90.dll registration

register the SAPbobsCOM90.dll manually via:

   On 32-bit Operating Systems:
go to Start->Run-> %systemroot%\System32\regsvr32 „C:\..<Path to DI>...\SAPbobsCOM90.dll"

On 64-bit Operating Systems: go to Start->Run %systemroot%\SysWoW64\regsvr32 „C:\..<Path to DI>...\SAPbobsCOM90.dll" respectively, go to Start->Run-> Type: regsvr32 and drag the dll to be registered into the Run Window 


This issue is not caused by the coresuite addon.
In most cases, simply applying Step 2 solves this issue.

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