[Coresuite Designer] Avoid from setting PageFooter with CanShrink = True


- PageFooter is used for creating bottom headlines of a page.

The band's contents will be displayed in the bottom part of the page respectively, regardless of the band location on the page. 

- The CanShrink (Render) Property allows decreasing objects‟ height in case the content inserted during the report generation has smaller size than that set for the container. 

Considering the above, please be advised that setting CanShrink = True in Pagefooter may lead to strange behavior.

Reproducing the issue

1. When logged into a DemoDB, add a Sales Order with at least 15 rows.

2. Preview the newly created Sales Order and check the Carry-over section at the bottom of the first page and top of second page.

3. Open the 'Document DIN - LD (DOC00008)' Layoutdefinition, then click on Open Designer.

4. Set PageFooterSubtotalTransfer with CanShrink = True and save the changes.


5. Preview the Sales Order.



The Carry-over amounts do not match.



The Carry-over amounts match (as seen in case CanShrink = False).




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