Item has already been added. Key in dictionary 'SWA_LD_Master_Landscape' Key being added

Item has already been added. Key in dictionary 'SWA_LD_Master_Landscape' Key being added


Issue description

When transfering Layouts from one DB to another, and the Layouts are not explicitly selected during the Export, all Layouts including the Masterlayouts will be imported into the Target DB. This results in duplicates of the following two Layoutdefinitions:

  • T0001000 SWA_LD_Master_Portrait
  • T0001001 SWA_LD_Master_Landscape

Those duplicate Master Layouts have no impact on printing/previewing, but when trying to open the layout, the following error message will appear: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary:'SWA_LD_Master_Landscape' Key being added: 'SWA_LD_Master_Landscape'

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Troubleshooting steps/tips

1. Check if the SWA_LD_Master_xxx Layout exist more than once in a DB:

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[@SWA_LD_LAYOUT] T0 WHERE T0.[Name] Like '%SWA_LD_Master%%'


Remove the duplicates of the SWA_LD_Master_xxx

1. Go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite designer ->Layoutmanagement, Filter by "SWA_LD_Master"

2. "Open" the Layoutdefintion of the duplicate, and remove via right-click->remove


Please note that the problem is caused by the duplicates having the same name. The codes of the duplicates/multiples differ from the original, but as the Masterlayouts are identified in other Layouts by their name, the error message is thrown.

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