SAP FSM - Relocation of coresuite database

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with the release of SAP FSM cloud connector version 7.92, a 64bit edition was launched to also support SAP B1 10.0.

Due to enhanced security standards (also see our SAP Business One, Version 10.0 FAQ), SAP FSM has decided to adopt their approach as to where the cloud connector is storing the data for SAP FSM.

So far, the cloud connector used the following tables:


which in SQL environments are stored in an external database called "coresuite", but in any onDemand and HANA environments are stored directly in each respective company database (for more details regards the usage of the external coresuite database vs tables in company database, please refer to our IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding Coresuite Installer and Framework version 6.70 or higher FAQ). 


Based on the above, please review the following matrix which outlines which location the connector uses for synchronization.  

  32bit Cloud Connector 64bit Cloud Connector
SAP B1 9.3
SQL onPremises coresuite UDT in company database
HANA onPremise, HANA onDemand,
SQL onDemand
UDT in company database UDT in company database
SAP B1 10.0
All Environments Not available UDT in company database


These changes also required modifications in coresuite time:

  • If SBO version is 10.0 or higher, it always uses the respective tables directly in the company database.
  • If SBO is lower than 10.0, coresuite time checks for the existence of the coresuite database. When not found, it uses the respective tables directly in the company database. For this to work correctly, you will need to remove the coresuite database whenever you switch to the 64bit edition of the connector. 


How do I delete the coresuite database?

Please execute the following queries to verify if there are still records stored in the coresuite database:

SELECT * FROM "coresuite".dbo."COR_CLOUD_CONFIRM";
SELECT * FROM "coresuite".dbo."COR_CLOUD_SEND";

Once all those tables are empty, please check for any connections to the coresuite database and disconnect them.

Afterwards please take a backup of the coresuite database and proceed to delete it. 


Should those tables still contain records, please contact our support team.


What to do in case I need to downgrade from 64bit to 32bit cloud connector with SAP B1 9.3?

In case you need to downgrade from 64bit to 32bit cloud connector, you first need to check if there are still any records in sync which needs to be processed first.

This is done by executing the following queries:


In case there are still records left, please ensure that they are synchronized before proceeding. 

Once those UDTs are empty, you can safely uninstall the 64bit cloud connector and reinstall the 32bit Cloud Connector. 

The 32bit cloud connector will make use of an already existing coresuite database or create it anew.



This should not be needed if you're using a coresuite time version equal or above 7.30 as time will then decide which database should be used. 


In case of any problems, please contact our support team.

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