Coresuite mobile - setting up territories


Territories can be defined and assigned to business partners and sales employees in SAP.

The main advantage is that sales employees only see the business partners from the territories assigned to them.


Configuration on SAP side:

Defining territories

  1. Verify that your user has admin privileges

    1. Navigate to territory setup via Administration > Setup > General
    2. setup__1_.PNG
    3. Inside it's possible to define different hierarchies
    4. e.g. Europe as the main territory
    5. e.g. Switzerland, Austria and Germany as subsidiaries

Assigning territories to business Partners

Once defined, it's possible to assign these hierarchies to business partners. Territories can be allocated to business partners of type "Lead" or "Customer".

  1. To assign the territory just go into "Business Partner Master Data" and click onto the territory field.
  2. territory.PNG
  3. Just choose a territory you want to assign and update the business partner.


Assigning territories to sales employees

  1. To assign a territory to a sales employee it's important to know which ID a territory has.
  2. To verify the IDs just check the OTER table or use the following query: 

SQL - Check for territory ID


  1. oter.PNG

  2. After you know which ID you want to assign to a sales employee, navigate to "Employee Master Data" and activate the View "User-Defined Fields" (Ctrl+Shift+U)

  3. Now it's possible to assign one or more territories to the employee.

  4. emp_ter.PNG

  5. In this example the territory 2 (Switzerland) and 4 (Austria) was assigned to the same sales employee.

  6. As soon as this UDF is updated, the sales employee is assigned to these territories.

Territories in coresuite mobile

Assigning a territory to a new business partner

It's possible to create business partners and assign territories to them with coresuite mobile

  1. photo_1.PNG

  2. photo_2.PNG

  3. It's possible to either take the top level territory (Europe) or assign a specific territory to a business partner.

Checking the employees for assigned territory

It's also possible to check for territories in the employee detail screen.

  1. photo_4.PNG


Permission Configuration

Configuring permissions for coresuite mobile users

1.It's important to know, that the users will still be able to see all the business partners, even if territories are configured, as long as the permissions are not adjusted.

  1. The territory permission group is called Group. To be able to work with territories its important to set the Read permissions to a value you want.

  2. Read : OWN
    You will only see territories (and sub-territories) that are assigned

    to you in SAP.
    Read : ALL
    There is no restriction; you can see all territories.

  3. As soon as the "Group" and "Business Partner" permission group is set to "OWN", the functionality of the business partner permission is changed.

  4. Read : OWN
    Business partners whom you aren't the assigned sales person and

    you haven't created: 
    If the business partner is in a territory that is assigned to you, you

    will see them, otherwise you will not.
    Read : ALL
    Business partners for which you are the assigned sales person or

    which you have created: 
    The territories will not have an effect, i.e. you will still see these

    business partners, even if they are assigned to other territories.


E.g. for the "Read - All" permissions:

  1. bp_all.PNG
  2. photo_1.PNG


If these permissions are set to "Read - Own", we have the following result:



  1. bp_own.PNG
  2. photo_2.PNG

Known Issues

Once you have assigned one or several territories to a business partner, you can still change them. However, deleting them does not work at the moment. When you delete a territory, it disappears from your device/from the business client, but in SAP it is not removed. We have reported this error to SAP. As soon as this has been fixed, deleting territories will work again.

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  • Can I use this functions also for SALESORDER, so that only Salesorder be shown with this territories, if I changed the button READ to "OWN"?

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