Connector configuration fails on first step


Sometimes the configuration of the connector is failing at the first step. This can be caused by security settings on your system. To fix this issue, just go through the following steps.


How to guide:

  1. Stop the cloud connector service and close the remote control.
  2. con_rc_2.png
  3. Navigate to the location on the system the cloud connector is installed. Usually: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP AG\SAP FSM cloud connector" .
  4. Connector_Path.png
  5. Open the CMD window and start the remote control with the additional parameter /manuallySpecifyDatabaseCredentials . You can drag and drop the "CloudConnectorRemoteControl.exe" into the CMD window to make sure you have the correct path.
  6. Connector_CMD.png
  7. Again start the configuration for the cloud connector, now with additional fields to fill out.
  8. mceclip0.png
  9. Now everything should work correctly. If you still have issues configuring the system, please contact our support.
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