SwissPayment/PAIN.001 - Technical information

This article contains technical information about pain.001 and is intended to help advanced users to solve issues.

PAIN Format - Rules / Conditions for each of the Payment Levels (C-Level)

General explanation / Hierarchy

  1. Decide if the Payment is a domestic or foreign payment
  2. Decide which C-Level the payment is belonging to, from top to bottom

Domestic Payments

Conditions for a Domestic Payment: (Payee Bank Country (ODSC.CountryCod) is CH and Payee Bank Code (ODSC.BankCode) isn't 999 (the Dummy bank)) or Payee Bank Country (ODSC.CountryCod) is LI. All other cases are treated as a Foreign Payment.

  • C1-Level (ISR-payment): Payee Bank Country (ODSC.CountryCod) is CH and Payment Bank Transfer Reference (OVPM.TrsfrRef) is filled out
  • C21-Level (Post Office in Switzerland): Payee Bank Country (ODSC.CountryCod) is CH and Bank is setup as a Post Office (ODSC.PostOffice)
  • Not implemented: C22-Level
  • C3-Level (CHF or EUR payment): Payment Currency (OVPM.DiffCurr) is CHF or EUR
  • C4-Level (all other currencies): Payment Currency (OVPM.DiffCurr) isn't CHFand EUR


Foreign Payments

Conditions for a Foreign Payment: See above

  • C5-Level (SEPA payment): Payment Currency (OVPM.DiffCurr) is EUR and Payee Bank Country (ODSC.CountryCod) is part of the SEPA region and a Payee IBAN is provided (OCRB.IBAN)
  • C6-Level (non-SEPA payment): All other payments that aren't complying with at least one condition of the C5-Level

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