IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Regarding BUG In SAP Business One: Company database upgrade unsuccessful

Issue description

Company database upgrades fails with the following error message in the Upgrade Log:

table name=@SWA_LD_SUBSCRPARAM2          TID=2960

2016-03-03  10:26:14.158991           Stp                  Err                   I           Tec      "UpgStep-Table Upg  ...Failed, error code: -1

This is caused by the issue outlined in SAP Note 2268646  - Company database upgrade unsuccessful due to an User-Defined Table error.

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This issue only occurs in databases with existing "Report Subscriptions" (Administration->Add-ons->coresuite designer->Report Subscription).

Even if you have not created any Subscriptions by yourself, with coresuite designer version 4.85 we had added a sample Subscription.

To verify, if your Database Upgrade would fail due to that issue, please run the following query:


In case this query shows any results, please move to the section "Workaround" below.

@SWA_LD_SUBSCRPARAM2 is a UDT of Object Type "Master Data Rows" which is used in UDO SWA_LD_SUBSCR2. @SWA_LD_SUBSCRPARAM2 contains only the Parameter mappings for existing Subscriptions. Removing the mappings does not compromise the data integrity; it simply results in existing Subscriptions not working.


Option 1 (preferred option - steps to be performed BEFORE attempting to perform SAP Business One Upgrade!)

  1. go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite designer->Import/Export
  2. export all/the required Subscriptions
  3. go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite designer->Report Subscription
  4. browse to each of your Subscriptions, right-click->Remove
  5. go to Tools->Customisation Tools-> User-Defined Tables-Setup
  6. locate the row with "SWA_LD_SUBSCRPARAM2", right-click->Remove
  7. close SAP Business One
  8. start SAP Business One via right-click->Run as Admin
  9. start coresuite addon

=> the UDT SWA_LD_SUBSCRPARAM2 is recreated without any Data

Upon upgrading SAP Business One, the following steps need to be performed in case you have your own Subscriptions in the Database:

  1. go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite designer->Import/Export
  2. import all/the required Subscriptions => select overwrite

Option 2 (option to be used if database cannot be accessed anymore in its original SAP Business One Patchlevel - in case of an already failed upgrade)

  1. restore the original backup of the database again
  2. run the following query: DELETE FROM "@SWA_LD_SUBSCRPARAM2"
  3. perform the database upgrade

Upon upgrading SAP Business One, the following steps need to be performed in case you have your own Subscriptions in the database:

  1. go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite designer->Report Subscription
  2. open your Subscription
  3. go to the Parameter Tab, click on "Auto mapping"
  4. repeat step 2-3 for each of your Subscriptions


  • 4th March 2016: we expect the issue to be fixed with 9.1 PL12 and 9.2 PL02


Please subscripe to this FAQ to receive automatic status notifications for this issue. 

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