IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding SAP Business One bug in 9.0 PL16 and 9.1 PL05/06

issue description

During coresystems' SAP Business One Patchlevel release testing for 9.1 PL05 and later for 9.0 PL16, it transpired that SAP had changed the behaviour in the Grid.ExecuteQuery Method.

Whereas in previous versions the connection to the Database was dropped after the execution of the the ExecuteQuery Method, with the current versions, the connection stays open. Any remaining temporary tables will then cause an issue when the same ExecuteQuery Method needs to be executed again.

Based on the reported incident, SAP has now created SAP Note 2141835 (currently not yet released!) and provided the following Status Update:

We would like to inform you that we plan to fix the
incident you raised, in patch 07 for SAP Business One 9.1.
Please look for note number: 2141835 in the Service
Marketplace to verify that the suggested fix we will
perform is aligned with your expectations.
The next update of this incident will inform you of the
delivery plan.
Thank you for your patience.

Will coresystems support 9.0 PL16 and 9.1 PL05?

After careful consideration, we decided that we will support both Patchlevel BUT want to make sure that you are aware of the issue and accept that we cannot guarantee that the behaviour will not surface at isolated instances. This also applies to any own/individual modules.

(Warnung)  To use 9.0 PL16 and 9.1 PL05/096, you will need to use AT LEAST module version 4.71 which are currently the latest versions available for download (automatic and manually!).


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