SAP Business One, version for SAP onDemand

Using coresuite products with SAP Business One, version for SAP onDemand


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Supported Platforms

You'll find the supported platforms in the link below. The supported SAP patch levels for onPremis are also the supported SAP patch levels for onDemand.

our system requirements

How to provide feedback to coresystems?

Any feedback should be provided by creating a ticket via Please add ON_DEMAND to the subject line of your ticket.

As always we aim to process your issue as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that a solution will always be available immediately.

Where can you get the necessary software and how can I install it?


The following e learning explains how to install coresuite for SAP Business One for onDemand:

coresuite onDemand installation

Installer, Modules and Dlls

There is a seperate coresuite Installer for SAP onDemand as the software architecture as changed:

Download onDemand Installer 32 bit 

The coresuite onDemand Installer includes pre installed coresuite add-ons. Those add-ons are usually older than the latest coresuite version.

After the coresuite installation you may upgrade your coresuite version.


Modules upgrade

Both SAP Business One onPremise and SAP Business One onDemand use the same editions of the modules and coresuiteSAPDlls and can be manually downloaded via the following link:

Download onDemand modules

When downloading the installer and/or modules and DLLs please ensure that you distinguish between SAP Business One 9.0 and SAP Business One 9.1. 

Most important when manually downloading the modules ensure that you select the matching SAP Business One version from the choose from list at the top of the page.

Known issues

- coresuite on onDemand can't download the license file

- Message "Could not found translation.xml" appears during coresuite start

- Add-on isn't visible in the list "Select Extension" of the cloud control center

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