IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding issue in SAP Business One 9.2 PL04 onwards for HANA

Issue description

Starting the coresuite onPremise addon on SAP Business One 9.1 PL09 for HANA either complete fails or working with the addon correctly becomes impossible.

This is caused by the issue outlined in SAP Note 2228417 - Not able to modify UDTs having name (OUTB.TableName) longer than 16 characters.


  1. error messages when starting the coresuite addon:
    • "-1116 Unable to end SQL transaction"
    • "Error occurred: Internal error (1) occurred [Message 131-­183]"
    • "Data in Table COR_COR_MODULESUSER not added:"
    • "General error;359 string is too long: Length of input string(23) is longer than defined(20)"
  2. error messages such as "right truncation -1116"
  3. not possible to create new Object via coresuite customize
  4. issue with coresuite designer printing permisssions (related to issue with HANA rev rather than SAP Business One Patchlevel itself)
  5. Licence file cannot be read -> no error message pop-up when manually importing; "-1116 Unable to end SQL transaction" error message when trying to update the licencefile automatically 

The above is a list ofsymptoms we are currently we aware of, but this SAP bug can present itself in many other scenarios.

Search Terms

-1116, unable to end SQL transaction, COR_COR_MODULESUSER

What steps do you have to follow?

Status (Friday, 16th October 2015):

  • Please do NOT upgrade to 9.1 PL09 for HANA until further notice.

Status Update (Monday, 19th October 2015):

  • SAP is currently updating Note 2228417 (which means the Note might currently not be accessible!)
  • SAP has provided us with a workaround which we have tested and verified

 Status Update (Tuesday, 5th January 2016):

  • issue was fixed to not occur with Databases created in 9.1 PL10 or higher ONLY - when upgrading from a lower PL, the workaround still needs to be ALWAYS applied!


For Symptom 1. and 2.:

  1. use HANA Studio to locate the following two Stored Procedure:


  2. use right-click->Open with SAP HANA Stored Procedure Viewer to get the current code of the each of the above mentioned Stored Procedures
  3. copy the content of each Stored Procedure into a separate, new "SQL Console" (use right-click->Open new SQL Console)
  4. in both cases, change "in object_type nvarchar(20)" to "in object_type nvarchar(30)" in the new SQL Console window
  5. delete the currently existing SBO_SP_POSTTRANSACTIONNOTICE and SBO_SP_TRANSACTIONNOTIFICATION from your database (use right-click->Delete)
  6. excecute both modified queries in order to recreate the Stored Procedures
  7. REMEMBER to repeat these steps above for EACH of your databases

For Symptom 3.:

The issue regards Layout permissions is now fixed with designer version 5.0124001. This currently unreleased version can be downloaded from the following link until this fix is included in the 5.05 version release.

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