coresuite widgets - overview availability and support for SAP Business One

Current Status

coresuite widgets are no longer supported for SAP Business One, on all versions from 8.82 on (that means 8.82, 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2) due to the limitation as per SAP Note 1712816.

Widgets can still be downloaded manually via the following link.

Widgets can be used for pre-sales activities but we do not encourage their use in productive systems.

It is the responsibility of the partner to resolve conflicts or issues that might derive from the widget usage.


What issues can be expected when using widgets?

  • widgets overlapping
  • widgets flickering endlessly
  • impossible to open any SAP Business One menu
  • SAP Business One Application crash/unexpected Application Shut-down


Will widgets be supported again in the future?

We detected that the cause for the malfunction resulting from the use of widgets is related to SAP Note 1712816.

As soon as SAP removes the limitation as stated in SAP note 1712816, we will immediately test the widgets and re-release them again after passing the test phase.


Is there a resolution date for SAP note 1712816?

So far we are not aware of any resolution date. We encourage partners to open a Messages with SAP asking for the resolution of SAP Note 1712816. Any status updates we receive will be posted to this FAQ.

Status Updates:

  • communication with SAP, September 2013

    Due to the complexity of the issue, the removal of the limitation is currently scheduled to be delivered with the release of SAP Business One 9.1 (currently expected to be available in Q2/Q3 2014)


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