How can i extend/change predefined datasources

You can always add your own queries to the datasource tab in the layoutdefinition.

If you would like to relate your result to an existing one (eg. extending the existing Row query with your own serialnumbers) then proceed as follows in the Layoutdefinition:

  • Select Document:Row in Query1
  • Select your own Query in Query2
  • Link them by using Link1, Link2 and take care to use existing columns.
  • Open the designer and check the structure in the datasource tree

If you just would like to overwrite an existing query then you can create your own and name it like the one to overwrite and add it in the datasources tab. Add the following section to your query

/* @@Overwrite */
You can save your query also with whatever name you like. But then you have to extend the overwrite definition like

/* @@Overwrite @@Name=[Row] */
To determine which name to use just open the designer and open the B1_Data - Tree. All the tablenames here correspondent to the querynames.

How to use ChooseFromList Parameters {} correctly in the Query?
If you have an selection like all or some ItemCodes for example formulate your WHERE Clause like this:
....WHERE ( T1.ItemCode IN ('[%ItemCode]') OR '[%ItemCode]' = '' )

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