[SAR06004] Sales Budget Report - Details Are Not Displayed On The Report

Issue description

When previewing the [SAR06004] Sales Budget report, some details are missing on the report.


Reproducing the issue


- Have the Regional and Language settings of the Windows set to German.


1. Create a sales budget scenario via SalesSales Budget Wizard.
2. Select the Item Group in step 2.
3. Add any Item groups in step 3 and save the sales budget scenario.
4. Go to coresuite reportsopen the report Sales Budget (SAR06004).
5. Select the sales budget scenario from step 3. as a parameter.
6. Select the Item Group from step 2. as a parameter.
7. Select Show previous year, Display details, and Show Chart.
8. Preview the report.


Actual results

The report does not display the details.

Expected results

The details should be displayed on the report.






The issue is depending on the region settings (format) of Windows and other language/format components of SAP Business One
As a workaround, change the format of the layoutdefinition from default to English (United Kingdom).


Coresuite-Accounting #1248


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