An Amended Authorization Group Name is Not Updated in Coresuite Customize Authorization List


Issue description

After changing the name of coresuite customize Authorization Group, the new name appears in General Authorizations of SAP Business One. But the new name is not visible when opening the Authorization Group list via e.g. coresuite customize → Optimizer.


Reproducing the issue


1. Go to System InitialisationAuthorisationsAdditional Authorisation Creator.
2. Scroll down to COR_CUSTOMIZE level and change the name of 1 or several groups.
3. Save the changes and restart SAP Business One and Coresuite.
4. Open coresuite customize → Optimizer, scroll all the way to the right and use the yellow arrow to open the Authorization list of one of the existing rules.

Actual results

The coresuite customize Authorization form presents the standard/original groups names (Group 1, Group 2, and so on..), whereas the standard SAP Business One authorizations do consider the new Authorization Group name:

Expected results

The coresuite customize Authorization form will also present the amended Authorization Group name/s.






Coresuite-Customize #1181


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