[Coresuite] Get the CoresuiteDebugLog

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We usually need the CoresuiteDebugLog for ananlyzing an issue in the Coresuite and its modules.

Depending on the Coresuite version, you will find the Logfile on different locations:

Please save the Debug Log directly after reproducing the issue.

Coresuite Framework 7.35 or higher

The easiest way is to open the logfile directly from the SAP client:

  • SAP B1 main menu -> Administration -> AddOns -> Coresuite administration -> Administration
  • On the bottom right corner of the window, you will find a button "Open Debug Log"
  • When you click on it, the file will open in a text editor
  • Use the "save as" function of your text editor to save it somewhere else

Alternatively, you will find the debugLog by default here:



Coresuite Framework 7.30 or lower

You will find the coresuiteDebugLog.xml by default in the local Temp folder:


What to do if there is no debugLog

In case of installing issues, it can be that there is no Debug log created.

In this case, you will usually find a coresuite.launcher.log instead in the local temp folder.

Please provide us this file then.

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