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For supporting our Coresuite products, we usually need to know all relevant versions of the customers system. You can provide us all relevant versions by sending us the version report.

There are various easy ways to provide the required Version Details.

Platform independent:

Coresuite Administration:
Go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite administration->Administration->Sip management=>Save as version rpt button (available in installations using Coresuite Framework 6.95 or higher)

Coresuite Administration Assistant (CAA):
Go to "Companies" tab, highlight respective Database, click on "Get Company Info" button => "Save as rpt file"

Platform dependent:


Query: http://helpfiles.coresystems.ch/help/support/SQL_CheckAddonVersions_V2.txt

To run the query, please follow the steps below
1. Open SQL Management Studio
2. Go to "New Query"
3. Select the respective company database
4. Right-click in the Query window and choose "Results To->Results to Text"
5. Paste the full Query to the Query window
6. Execute the Query
7. Right-click in the Results window and choose "Save Results As" -> name the File as
.....YourCompanyName.rpt (replace YourCompanyName with the name of the DB)



Query: http://helpfiles.coresystems.ch/help/support/HANA_CheckAddonVersions_V2.txt

To run the query, please follow the steps below
1. Go to HANA Studio
2. Right-click on the respective company database -> choose “Open SQL Console”
3. Paste the full Query to the SQL Console - in case, the SCHEMA is not set automatically add the following to the start of the Query: SET SCHEMA "<<replace with your Schema name>>"
4. Execute the Query
5. Right-click on any of the results windows, choose "Export Results" -> name the file as
.....YourCompanyName.rpt (replace YourCompanyName with the name of the DB)

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