Error: Currency ISO code is not defined for every currency

Issue Description

If you get the following message:




You need to adjust your currency table in SAP. It is located under "Administration -> Setup -> Financials -> Currencies". This is necessary to be able to handle currency codes like $, £, €, etc.

For this it is necessary that you use a valid “International  Code” in your SAP B1 Currency table. This code needs to be the same as the “ISO Currency Code”. The “ISO Currency Code” must be set from the list and the “International Code” must be set to the same value.

If your mapping is incorrect like in the example below, you need to change the mapping. 


If you have a non-ISO code in the “International Code” column, e.g. $ or CAN, you must replace it with the correct ISO code from our sheet.

In this example you need to set a valid “ISO Currency Code” for all currencies. You must also set the same value in the “International Code”.




The list with allowed ISO codes can be found below.

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