Irregular Behavior When Switching Between Properties, DocumentTree or DataSources While 2 Sharpshooter Sessions Are Open

Issue description

The new rendering engine (Sharpshooter) has been introduced with Coresuite Designer version 7.55.

During testing, the following limitation has been discovered: In case 2 Sharpshooter sessions are opened for 2 different layouts, switching between the Properties, DocumentTree or DataSources leads to an irregular behavior where the second Sharpshooter session unwantedly opens.


Reproducing the issue


1. Open 2 different Layoutdefinitions (e.g.: 'Employee year overview (CSM31005)' and 'Document DIN - LD (DOC00008)').
2. Click on Open Designer for the first layout, then also for the second layout.

3. In the first Sharpshooter session, switch between Properties, DocumentTree and DataSources . mceclip1.png
Actual results

The second Sharpshooter session opens.

Expected results

The Properties, DocumentTree or DataSources opens in the highlighted (current) Sharpshooter session.




Coresuite-Designer #1205

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