SAP FSM Mobile iOS version 9.6.0 or higher version

When you update SAP FSM Mobile iOS application version to 9.6.0 or higher version, you might face the following symptoms:

  • The application stops at "Loading Time recording Items" step.
  • Initial synchronization cannot be completed and the application crashes.

In case you face the symptoms, please take following workaround:

Update technician user group to set READ permission as OWN for the following objects:

  • TimeEffort
  • Mileage
  • Material
  • Expense
  • PersonReservation
  • WorkTime

Why did the symptoms happen?

This version iOS application is released new feature Time Recording Screen. This feature needs to sync above mentioned objects to your mobile. If you have too many those records, it will block the mobile sync. Reset the permission will help reduce the data sync.


Sorry to bring you inconvenience. SAP is working with highest priority to fix this behavior.

We will give you an update as soon as there is any progress.

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