Supported SAP Business One Versions From Q2 2023

We want to give you advance notice in relation to the minimum SAP Business One versions for Coresuite, which we will support as of April 2023.
This decision has been made based on various major and also smaller differences between major version 9.3, and version 10.0 and also to ensure that we can deliver features that are dependent on SAP Business One 10.0.

We will stop supporting SAP Business One 9.3 completely as of April 2023.

This means we will be in line with SAP in respect of their Mainstream Maintenance (see also SAP Note 528296). 

Please note that you can still use SAP Business One 9.3, however, we will officially test new Coresuite releases on SAP Business One 10.0 only. If you will report a bug that will be in relation to the older SAP Business One version, it will not be fixed.
Another important point that needs to be considered is, that we will deliver only a 64bit version of Coresuite, which will be also aligned with SAP Business One 10.0.

Related documentation:
System Requirements and Support Matrix for Coresuite (valid until beginning of April 2023)
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