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I Introduction (Back to Table of Contents)

With the release of Coresuite Framework 7.35, we added the button "Open Debug Log" to Coresuite Administration to make it much easier for anybody to access the correct Coresuite log (formerly known as coresuiteDebugLog.)
As not every SAP Business One user is necessarily authorized to access the Coresuite Administration in the first place, we have now added an additional option that can be used for any user.
With Coresuite Customize 7.45, we added a "New Menu" rule named "GEN:0002: Show 'Open Debug Log' option in Help menu" to our sample rules which can be easily imported and activated.
This rule simply creates the option to open the Debug Log from the Help menu.


II How-To (Back to Table of Contents)

    1. Go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite customize->Import / Export=>Import Rules.
    2. Click on "Examples"
    3. Choose whether you prefer to set the rules to set rules automatically to active, inactive or based on their pre-settings.
    4. Browse to the "New Menu" type and select the "GEN:0002: Show 'Open Debug Log' option in Help menu" to import.
      Note all sample rules are automatically selected to be imported - you can simply click on the "Import" column to select/unselect all rules!
    5. Go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite customize->New Menu to activate the rule if not chosen to do so during the import.
    6. Go to Help and notice the new option:



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