[Swiss Payment] Instruction for removing IBAN values automatically created for ISR Bank Account details - IBAN clean-up

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I Introduction

II How-To

    1. Automated Clean-up
    2. Manual Clean-up



I Introduction (Back to Table of Contents)

Since the Implementation of the new Swiss QR-Bill (2020), we have continued our journey of improving the Swiss Payment module.
In version Swiss Payment version 7.40, we enhanced the Payment Type determinations for pain.001 generation based on the official "Swiss Implementation Guidelines for Customer Credit Transfer Initiation (pain.001)" documentation provided by SIX.
This enhancement was implemented using an additional (QR-)IBAN verification.
Unfortunately, this improvement highlighted the ancient feature of automatically creating an IBAN based on ISR bank account details upon recording an Orange payment slip. Until now, this feature had no consequence at all and was not meant to be removed until a later stage. But with the IBAN field filled for ISR payment bank details, Swiss Payment generated pain.001 files that included payment details the banks had to reject. For ISR payments an IBAN rather than the ISR participant number had been included.

AS of Swiss Payment version 7.45, we no longer automatically create an IBAN for ISR payment bank details added via the "Orange payment slip" recording feature.
In this FAQ we provide you with a set of Coresuite Customize rules which help you to correct all your existing BP ISR bank details.


II How-To (Back to Table of Contents)

You can perform the Clean-up manually or use the provided Coresuite Customize rules to automated the process


A. Automated Clean-up (Back to Table of Contents)

For the automated Clean-up, we have created two Coresuite Customize "New Menu" rules:

    • Rule, that generates a list of affected BP ISR payment bank details which can easily be reviewed
    • Rule, that removes the IBAN from (reviewed) affected BP ISR payment bank details
  1. Download the rules from here, import them via
    Administration->Add-ons->coresuite customize->Import / Export->Import Rules and set them to active.
  2. Go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite customize->New Menu to modify both rules to include your individual import/export file path. Simply replace "C:\Temp\SwissPayment" with your chosen path - do not choose "%Temp%!
  3. Go to Administration->Add-ons->swissPayment->Generate faulty IBAN reset file
    to generate the file with the list of affected BP ISR payment bank details.
  4. Go to the path specified in both rules and open the generated file.
  5. Remove only records where you DO NOT want the IBAN to reset!
  6. Go to Administration->Add-ons->swissPayment->Reset IBANs according to file
    to complete the clean-up


B. Manual Clean-up (Back to Table of Contents)

For the manual Clean-up, we have created a Query that can be used in SAP Business One's Query Generator.

  1. Download the query from here and save it in SAP Business One for the customer to run and review
  2. The customer can run the query, and click on each BP to access the BPs bank details to modify them manually



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