Easy distribution of Coresuite Customize Rules

Table of Contents

I Introduction

II Prerequisites

III How to steps

    1. Perform your Export from your "Base" Database
    2. Prepare your custom content sip
    3. Distribute Coresuite Customize Rules



I Introduction (Back to Table of Contents)

Until the Release of Coresuite Customize 7.30, the process to deploy most types of Coresuite Customize Rules was simple and straightforward, yet tedious in case of multiple Company Database. From now on, the whole process has been simplified even further.
Rather than using the Coresuite Customize Import/Export Option separately in each Company Database, you can package all types of Coresuite Customize Rules into your own Custom Content sip file and use the Coresuite Administration Assistant for their deployment.
You can use the described process for both during the implementation phase where you prepare something for your customer continuously to test any modifications you applied, or simply for creating your own "packages" which want to reuse on multiple customer sites.



II Prerequisites (Back to Table of Contents)



III How to steps (Back to Table of Contents)

  1. Perform your Export from your "Base" Database
    1. Create a "main" folder (named e.g. My Customize Rules) with a subfolder named COR_Customize (mandatory) and another subfolder named COCU (mandatory) within the COR_Customize folder
      => ..\COR_Customize\COCU
    2. Go to Administration->Add-ons->coresuite customize->Import / Export->Export Rules to export the rules that you could like to distribute to the newly created COCU folder
  2. Prepare your custom content sip
    1. Go to the newly created COCU folder and open your *.cocu file
    2. Search for the U_Version tag(s) and set/update the Version number(s) of each object as required (additional modifications are also possible)
    3. Create your own or place the attached sipinfo.xml file into the same folder as the COR_Customize folder
    4. Modify the sipinfo.xml file with your details (for more details, please check our Usage of the sip info file (sipinfo.xml) FAQ
    5. Compress the content of your "main" folder (here: My Customize Rules)
    6. Change the extension of the compressed file from zip to sip
  3. Distribute Coresuite Customize Rules
    1. Open the "Tasks" tab, check the required (Target) company database(s) in the "Companies" and click on the "Install Modules" button
    2. Browse to the newly created custom sip and click install
    3. The rules will automatically be imported in the respective company database(s) upon the next coresuite add-on start
    For full details regards the Coresuite Administration Assistant, please check our Coresuite Administration Assistant (CAA) FAQ or open the documentation file directly via the "Settings" tab in the Coresuite Administration Assistant
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