Upgrade to Coresuite Time Version 7.20 (and higher)

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I Introduction (Back to Table of Contents)

We officially introduced .NET 4.7.2 for all our modules with the release of 7.10 and had also set the reference for .NET 4.7.2 in our installer.
Prior to that, we announced this already in January with our Move to use .NET Framework 4.7.2 for Coresuite onPremise Products FAQ and had provided both the standard edition (using .NET 4.0) and new edition (using .NET 4.7.2) to ensure a smooth transition.

As it turned out, nobody actually moved to use the new edition prior to the official 7.10 release. Only once 7.10 was officially released, we got reports of "unexplained" issues which were all traced back to the reference of .NET 4.7.2 in the Coresuite Installer.

All of those "unexplained" issues were reported for Coresuite Time and Swiss payment only. We then decided to prepare Coresuite installer 7.11 using .NET 4.0 again which worked perfectly fine with all modules (no matter if they were using .NET 4.0 or 4.7.2).
The issues that were discovered for Coresuite Time 7.10 in combination with Coresuite Installer 7.10 were traced back to Syncfusion, a 3rd  Party library which we use for Coresuite Time. The version of the Syncfusion library which we used was not compatible with .NET 4.7.2.
Coresuite Time 7.20 is now using a newer version of this Syncfusion library and requires Coresuite Installer min Version 7.20.



II What steps do you have to follow? (Back to Table of Contents)

To use Coresuite Time min Version 7.20, you need to use Coresuite Installer min Version 7.20!


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