Security update for SAP Field Service Management

Dear Customers,

SAP Field Service Management is making changes to enhance the security and integrity of your data. Starting from December 1st, 2023, SAP will be disabling weak encryption methods in SAP Field Service Management Cloud Backend. To ensure that your production instance of SAP B1 Connector/ERP Connector/Custom Integration continues to work smoothly, it is important to take action before this date.

SAP has identified that the use of outdated encryption protocols is due to unsupported versions of the Windows operating system (versions older than Windows Server 2016). To resolve this, it is necessary to upgrade to a supported version.

To find out which Windows versions are supported for the B1 Connector, please visit this link:

For information about supported Windows versions for the ECC Connector, please visit this link:

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your SAP Field Service Management system remains secure and functions properly.

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