Coresuite Enterprise Search on HANA


Coresuite Enterprise Search for SQL has been available for the best part of 10 years at this stage.
Originally, when SAP introduced SAP Business One for HANA we decided against updating our product for HANA as SAP itself provided its own (SAP) Enterprise Search for the new platform. Due to the overwhelming demand from our partners and customers, we have now reversed our decision.

We are delighted to announce that with the release of Version 7.05, Coresuite Enterprise Search is now also available for SAP Business One on HANA.


How can I start using Coresuite Enterprise Search on HANA?

  1. Install or Update your current Coresuite Framework to version 7.05
  2. Update your licence file in each respective Company Database:
    Coresuite Country Package licences for HANA have been extended to also include Enterprise Search.
    Please update your licence files by either
      • using the "Download license" button in Administration->Add-ons->coresuite administration->Administration->License management tab

      • downloading the licence file our portal and manually import it via Coresuite Administration Assistant
  3. Install Coresuite Enterprise Seach version 7.05 sip



Please check our Release Notes to see which other New Features, Improvements and Bug fixes we included with the 7.05 release of Coresuite Enterprise Search module.

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