Outlook not found when sending a document from SAP Business One


In some cases (for example: you bought new workstations, you upgraded to specific Windows build, you installed new version of Office, etc.), if you will try to send a document from SAP Business One as an email with Designer, you will receive an error message "Outlook not found" and in coresuite log reports you will see an error message "Outlook Error: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook, Version=" or similar.

Possible reasons

- Outlook version is too old (Outlook 2007 and older)
- You installed a "Click-to-Run" installation of Outlook, which does not contain required features and libraries
- You are running different bit version of Outlook vs SAP Business One (32-bit vs 64-bit)
- Outlook installation is corrupt after Windows/Office upgrade - This issue has been reported to Microsoft especially after June 2019 upgrade, however, it appeared also after the upgrade to major Windows build 1809
- User doesn't have access to required Outlook integration "Interop" files

Troubleshooting steps

- Office 2010 or newer has to be installed on the affected workstation
- Windows has to be upgraded to the latest build and latest updates (including optional) should be installed
- Ensure that you are not using a 64-bit Outlook and a 32-bit SAP Business One client (or vice verse)
- Ensure that you do not run SAP Business One as administrator and Outlook as a regular user (or vice versa). This is not supported by Microsoft
- Ensure that the affected users have Read & Execute Rights to the interop files located in: C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook\
- Repair or upgrade .Net framework installation to the latest version available. Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool can be downloaded here
- Repair the office installation with help of the following Microsoft tool

None of troubleshooting steps helped?

We created a support package for Outlook, which delivers dll files that can't be triggered by Windows automatically for some reason. It is a standard *.sip module, which needs to be imported to Coresuite and activated as any other module. In order to install the package, at least Coresuite Framework 6.70 must be installed. You can find this package at the end of this article.

As in many cases, on some workstations this error occurs due to a corrupted Office installation/registry, if none of steps from troubleshooting helped, we recommend installation of Office with standard "MSI" package of Office and not with downloaded/pre-installed "Click-To-Run" version of Office or even a reinstallation of Windows on the affected workstation might be considered.


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