[Coresuite Designer] HowTo Datamatrix 2d Barcodes - install and use it

Issue description

A lot of customers need "Datamatrix 2d Barcodes" within designer-layouts.

In the standard version of designer, this is not possible. But the functionality can be added through a AddOn called "-BarCodeHelper"

import BarCodeHelper.sip through coresuite Administration

1) in the rendering engine add an AdvancedPicture

2) select the AdvancedPicture and go to Properties-> GenerateScript
in the field, add:

Dim bcdm As Datamatrix.net.DmtxImageEncoder = New Datamatrix.net.DmtxImageEncoder
Dim optionObj As Datamatrix.net.DmtxImageEncoderOptions = New Datamatrix.net.DmtxImageEncoderOptions()

Dim gs1Code As String
gs1Code = "yourCode"

optionObj.Scheme = DataMatrix.net.DmtxScheme.DmtxSchemeAsciiGS1
'optionObj.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red
'optionObj.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Green

advancedPicture1.Image = bcdm.EncodeImage(gs1Code,optionObj)


3) with the function above, the datamatrix gets generated in the AdvancedPicture.

As soon as you preview the picture, it will show a DataMatrix 2d Barcode.

If you need to place a lot of text in a Datamatrix, you need to play around with following properties, therefore go to:

template-Properties -> Graphics Settings -> Interpolation Mode and Smoothing Mode
(for Barcodes you want to make sure, that no smoothing is used; each transitions should be hard. For best recognition, it's important to have only black and white - without any colors in between.


See attachments for .sip file and example layout

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