Coresuite 8.05 - Changelog


Below you can find a short description of the main changes delivered in Coresuite 8.05.

With Coresuite 8.05 onwards, also Windows 11 is now supported. Please see our System Requirements and Support Matrix for more details.

Following performance improvements delivered in Coresuite 7.90, now with SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2305, HANA version, Coresuite 7.90 onwards startup performance is improved again. Test results in our environments are, that performance improvement is up to 50%, which means that Coresuite starts in approximately 25 seconds (down from 45 seconds). Please note that testing has been performed on fresh SAP Demo DB.

For all changes delivered in Coresuite 8.05, please see our Release Notes.

IMPORTANT: Due to the changes and performance improvements delivered in Coresuite 7.90, if you have not upgraded to Coresuite 7.90 - Coresuite 8.00 yet, the full Coresuite add-on needs to be upgraded!


Enterprise Search: Unification of functionalities “Indexed Search” and “Free text search

Following improvements delivered in Coresuite Enterprise Search version 8.00, we are now delivering additional new control with the name "Same search behavior on Enter and Search" to consolidate search results.,.
If your results between "Indexed Search" and "Free text search" are not consistent, you can activate this option via Enterprise Search configuration.


Swiss Payment: Bank File and Bank Charges improvements

warnung 04.08.2023 - SwissPayment 8.05 has been released.
warnung 20.07.2023 - SwissPayment 8.05 release is delayed due to issues discovered during Early Birds testing.

When creating a bank file (pain.001) the field should not only include the SLEV type as other bank charge types could be necessary for some customers.
There is a new configuration setting under the "Payment Wizard Swiss" tab called "Use Business Partner Bank Charges". When this is unchecked (default behavior), "SLEV" will be used as before.
When it is checked, the setting on the Business Partner will be used.
If the customer wants the output "CRED", they need to use the code "BEN" for the BP Bank Charge.

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